14 Color Face Paint Mega Palette

        We are so proud...our 14 Color Face & Body Paint Kit has just won a Parent's Choice Foundation

Parent's Choice Award for 2019!!

Chosen for great value,  play value, quality and FUN!




What's so special about our kit...?

  • ☑️ 14 VIVID RAINBOW COLORS - including 3 UV NEONS for the brightest effects, day & night.  Whether a novice or pro-facepainter, our specially curated palette allows you to mix every conceivable color

  • ☑️ WATER-ACTIVATED - just add a few drops of water and mix the top of the paint to a creamy consistency for awesome coverage and lasting, smear-free looks

  • ☑️ A WHOPPING 10ml of each color - that's 3x more than most sets

  • ☑️ GOLD & SILVER SHIMMERING GLITTERS - for added sparkle

  • ☑️ 3 PRO BRUSHES - including one wide, flat brush for large sweeps, medium pointed brush for outlines and general filling and one ultra-fine for detail and line-work

  • ☑️ EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE KIT - all colors & glitters have their own lid to keep the set tidy & for mixing. They are fitted securely into the robust, lidded carry case but can be easily taken out for individual use

  • ☑️ 30 FREE STENCILS! - designed for quick & easy designs, each self-adhesive sheet contains all the shapes & characters you need for girls & boys including UNICORNS & HALLOWEEN! Perfect for a party, festival, carnival, belly painting, sports, camo, roleplay etc

  • ☑️ FINEST, PARABEN-FREE INGREDIENTS - our premium, cosmetic grade paints are hypoallergenic paints, vegan & FDA compliant. As grandparents (we know, we don't look old enough), we strive to ensure our makeup, paints & glitters will be totally safe for even the most sensitive skin. No need to worry about flare-ups but, as with any cosmetic, we recommend testing a small area before use

  • ☑️ EASY WASH OFF - you'll be AMAZED at how easy the paint is to remove with just water & a cloth. Use a little soap if needed

  • ☑️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - we are so proud of our products that we offer either a replacement or a money-back guarantee. Purchase your festiFACE professional palette facepaint set from Amazon.com today, totally risk-free

  • ☑️ INGREDIENTS - Distilled water 30%, Color Lakes 30%, Glyceryl 10%, Calcium Carbonate 8%, Stearic Acid 8%, Talc 6%, Propylene Glycol 5%, Candelilla Wax 3%

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Halloween face paint set for kids & adul